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Albany Elevator Service provides one of the best service and maintenance  keep our service professionals in tune with your equipment.Preventative maintenance is the key to years of safe, reliable performance. Before recommending a maintenance program, your Albany Elevator professionals consider equipment type, condition and operating environment. We will perform diagnostics and routine maintenance designed specifically for your equipment type. By following the most comprehensive maintenance program, Albany Elevator´s service professionals maximize the "up time" of your equipment.

Renovating old buildings has become a popular trend in recent years and elevator enhancements are crucial to a successful renovation. Albany Elevator's modernization services include electrical, mechanical, safety, and aesthetic modifications.  The Company's staff can bring your elevators into compliance with handicapped passenger requirements, fire service codes, and state required QEI ANSI code compliance.We offer inspections by certified inspectors registered with the state of Georgia. We can provide all types of alterations or repairs ranging from simple pit ladders to complex fire service upgrades including smoke detectors and automatic shut off devices.


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